December 19, 2006

A Christmas gift for Moi!!!

Since Brandon and I have been married, my biggest struggle in the domestic area has been laundry!! Since I have been bringing in a little extra cash with my Christmas decorating, I bought myself a Christmas present. It is my favorite so far. I paid to have my laundry washed, folded, put-up & hung....THE WORKS!!! We came home yesterday to no dirty laundry, with the exception of the clothes we were wearing! The closets were full and so were our dressers. We even ran out of hangers. Who would have known we did not have enough hangers?? I wouldn't have because, of course, I have never gotten that far in the laundry process. Getting every drop of laundry done, that is. Brandon woke up this morning to get dressed for work and said, "Hey dresser is full" and "Maybe we could do this more often."

That is all I wanted to hear! I have had no trouble admitting my inability to get laundry done. During our short marriage, I have actually had a few (small) emotional break downs due to laundry issues. I am now thankful that he sees that it is advantageous to invest in a, as I call her, laundry doer. It is kind of like if Brandon ran into something mechanical on the car and has to consult a mechanic...I ran into an issue with my laundry and I needed to consult a laundry doer. I still must sort the laundry and make sure the house is presentable for the laundry doer but it is well worth it!! I just want to complete this by saying....Thank Heaven for Laundry doer's!


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