March 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I am looking forward to doing on our Disney World Trip (leaving Saturday)!!
*If anyone has tips for a Disney trip, as far as, deals or fun things to do, please leave a comment and share*

1. Getting to Knit on the drive. I have just started learning this week! My goal is one whole scarf!! I will post the finished product. I wouldn't set you expectations too high. :)

2. Getting to read on the drive. I have started reading The Power of a Praying Wife, A Woman's High Calling & I am also going to find a not so serious book today at LifeWay.

3. Sitting by the pool at our hotel while reading and/or knitting!! Not to fret about my new knitting is hip & cool..I assure you!

4. Sleeping in (on a couple of days)!

5. Time off with my hubby!! Oh, how I love spending quality time with my best friend!!

6. Quality time with my in-laws. We are going with them! Yes...we like them!!

7. The break from work.

8. We bought some Disney stamps (they are beautiful by the way) and they will hold us accountable to sending out postcards!! I think we are going to have characters, that we run into, sign the postcards and then we will send them to friends & family! Really, it is my excuse for getting in line with all of the kiddos to get Minnie's signature. :)

9. The trip to Animal Kingdom! When we went on our honeymoon, they were putting the final touches on Expedition Everest. This time, it is done and we have heard it is awesome!! The safari part is great too.

10. My granny and Aunt live in Florida. They are going to come visit for a couple of days!! I can not wait to spend some time with them!!

11. We are going to Cirqu De Soleil!! On our honeymoon, we heard great things about it. We did not budget for it so this time we did.

12. The MGM fireworks show!! We are not going to Magic Kingdom because we went last time. The MGM fireworks show is great!

13. Eating at some new restaurants. Last time we went to Emeri's Chop Shop. It was tasty and fun! I am not sure what we are shooting for this time but, I do know there are plenty of options! Suggestions are welcome!!



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