May 12, 2007

It was a bridesmaidy Saturday!!

I have never been a bridesmaid. This year, will be my first year to be a bridesmaid and I get to be one to two of my very good friends.Today I cooked lunch for some of the bridesmaids and family of Tiffany, the July 28th wedding. We also worked on making some tissue paper peonies for the reception area, as well as some of the arrangements that will go on the pews. They also brought over all of the silk flowers for me to start working on some of the big altar arrangements. I will get started and hopefully finished with them this week. We had lots of fun! I love to have people over and entertain and I also love to be crafty. So here are some photos of our big Saturday!!!!

I made an enchilada lunch for all of the ladies...yummy!!

Then we got to work learning how to make these napkin rings...we have to make 50 each. This idea came from Martha Stewart magazine. She made it seen much easier than it is.

We worked really hard. I think we got about 5 done in 2 hours or so! :)

Myself, and the brides mom put together 15 of these in no time. That is what I am talking about!!

The Bride-to-be sharing her expertise!!!

To top the day off, My handsome husband and I went out on a hot date!!! We have got to make these more of a priority. No kids yet and we are already slacking!!!

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