July 2, 2007

Family, friends, & crafts Oh My!!!

We had a great weekend! Friday, I was able to enjoy some girl time with my very good friend and neighbor, Hannah! We have a craft fair at work every year and Hannah and I have decided to put our craftiness to good use. We plan to make decorative cards, book marks, lamp shades, luggage/diaper bag tags, place mat purses, canvas art and many other boutique style decor & gifts. It is in October so we are starting early. We do not want to overload ourselves! We spent Friday and Sunday evening working away on some cards and book marks. We are so excited about our creations! Here is a picture of some of the hand made cards we made. I apologize for the quality. I am having to use my phone for pictures now that our digital camera is out of commission. I am going crazy without it!!

Brandon and I watch his niece and nephew every other weekend while their Mommy works. They usually arrive Saturday afternoon and then head home with Mommy on Sunday evenings. Saturday afternoon was spent at the pool with my Dad, uncle, little sister, our friends Clay & Hannah, & Breah and Colton the niece and nephew. Everyone had a blast. We were not sure how Colton would respond since he does not seem to care too much for baths but Colton loved it! We got a float for him but he is a little on the small side for it so I felt most comfortable with someone holding him. Every time we put him in the water, he started to fall asleep. We kept him entertained to prevent it though. He loved to stand on our chest and pretend like he was skiing :o) He liked to splash too as long as the water stayed out of his eyes! Breah, the 4 year old, is a regular fish. She spent 3 hours jumping in the pool and then doing it over and over. Towards the end of the day we were able to convince her to practice swimming without her swimmies and she went right for swimming under water. She swam about 6 feet at a time without swimmies and without coming up for air. We were so proud of her!

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