July 3, 2007

Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun... and That We Did!!

Girl's Night was all I had hoped it would be and more! Some of the details are below!

This first picture below is all of us!!! The salon had just enough chairs to fit us all in a row! We had lots of laughs and fun! It was an especially special moment when the lady was trying to get all of our back massagers working and turned on the "bum massager." Yep, that's right, the chairs had a setting for a massage on the bum. It did not take long before we all asked her to turn that setting off. It felt like a bunch of golf balls rolling around on your buttocks area! Yeah...we laughed hard at that one!

The finished product!! Which one do you think is mine?

This is the part of gang that was left after dinner! Some of us headed over to Cocoa Mocha, a new coffee shop in our town, to squeeze in a little more girl time! It was yummy! We sat on the patio until after they closed and the only reason we left then was because a couple of us had to go the restroom and, since they were closed, the only choice we had was to head home! It was such a fun night and we hope to do it more often!



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