July 19, 2007

I made a deal with God this morning and he came through!!!

Yep, you heard it! I made a deal with God this morning. Not because I planned to, it just happened. Plus it was early in the morning and when it's early in the morning, I am a teeny bit stubborn. I have heard all of these stories about people praying to God to help them wake up at a certain time without their alarm clock so they could do their quiet time in the morning before starting their day if he really desired for them to do it, and he did. I never believed those stories for a second. Well, I must have a little because I decided to try it myself. I did not go as far as without the alarm clock but I did do some dealing with Him.

Last night, I set my alarm clock 30 minutes early with one intention. The intention was to get up and start the day with the Lord. As my goal is to do this much more consistently. Well, the alarm went off at 5:15 and of course, I pushed snooze. I decided if I just let my hair be curly (no blow drying no straightening), I could sleep in a little longer and still do my Bible study. Well I pushed snooze a couple of more times and at 5:39 I decided to put him to the test. I made a deal. I said "Lord, if you will help me wake up without the alarm at 5:45, I will get up, come spend some time with you and dive into your word." If I woke up that way, I would know it really was meant for me to get up and do this early morning thing. What happened next you may ask, or did my blog title give it away??? I woke up by myself at 5:47. "Close enough," I thought to myself, and I got up and held up my end of the bargain. It was rough but I did it. I would have been really good to get up a little earlier but hey, it is a work in progress.

Now, I just have to do this all over again for 20 more days to make it a habit. I might have some inspiration coming soon. Not that, a more intimate relationship with Christ and a consistent Bible study time is not enough. Let me explain.

For my birthday in August, I have asked for two things...

From Hubby: some sort of soft comfy sofa chair with a foot stool (it can come from a yard sale or Good Will as long as it is clean. I can always cover it with a blanket)

From Mom & Granny: a porch swing

My ambition for these items are in no way selfish. It is my attempt to give myself a "cozy place." I can get up and go to either place depending on the weather. There, I will start my day with the Lord, Beth Moore (or whoever I am doing Bible study with), & coffee. My quiet time has never been consistent and mostly never quiet. Sometimes I do it in the car while Brandon is driving us to work but that means Ralph from talk radio is my quiet time serenade. Sometimes I do it in our bed while Brandon is working on his school work or coins or something like that but that means I am in a hurry so I can go to sleep cause odds are I am not doing it before 10pm. Some days..I do not have my quiet time...I know, I know...shame on me! Don't worry though I am working on it!

So how about you, tell me about your quiet time. What works best for you? Do you have a cozy place? If not, what is your idea of a cozy place?

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  • Hey there, have been stopping by and reading every so often and I had to laugh because my husband and I just moved into our new home and I had the same idea for making quiet reading places.

    Check out the picture on my blog, he bought me a glider for our front porch its wonderful! Good luck with your quiet times you have challenged me as well, this is definitely something I need to work harder at. God bless!

    By Blogger Mrs. Keller, at July 22, 2007 at 6:10:00 AM GMT-4  

  • My cozy place is the back porch swing. It probably gets more use than any other sitting area in the house. We love to just sit there and let Vader run and enjoy the outside world. It's very peaceful.

    By Blogger Vader's Mom, at July 22, 2007 at 5:57:00 PM GMT-4  

  • My favorite spot is the couch in the living room. It is great in the winter beside the fire. I used to be very good at the early morning prayer/study time, especially when a friend and I called each other at 5:30. Now I don't do so good. My excuse is I have to get up at 5:00 just to get to work on time. I find like you that I just fit it in somewhere in the day. You have presented a challenge for me as well. We could try calling each other. :-)

    By Blogger Rainbow Mom, at July 24, 2007 at 12:18:00 PM GMT-4  

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