November 24, 2006

Thoughts of Thankfulness!

I am thankful for:

1. My loving and supportive husband/best friend. (No matter how many Christmas trees he ends up helping me decorate)
2. My dog Mya and the joy that she brings me.
3. OUR merciful savior.
4. Our beautiful home.
5. The Christmas decorations that we are using this season to create a warm Christmas welcome.
6. Our great families.
-extra kudos to my in-laws who spent Thanksgiving day helping us start... to finish up... our bonus room!!!!
7. Our new friends/neighbors/fellow Grey's and Desp. House. watchers... Clay and Hannah.
8. Our nephew, what's his name?(it is a secret), due to arrive in 2 days.
9. My job.
10. Our church family.
11. Some things that may seem minor to you but are so totally major to me:
-Mexican food
-sweet tea
-Mya learning new tricks(our dog)
-my husband/best friends cuddles and kind words
-hot cocoa
-quality friendships
-opportunities to put my creativity to use
-a good hard laugh

November 16, 2006

New Blogger!

So, I am new at this. After a couple of weeks of viewing others blogs, I am so excited about joining in on this community of people. I was unsure if I had anything that interesting to write about. I think that between my faith, my husband, my dog, my decorating, and my busy schedule....I will be able to come up with something worth sharing. I have been most impressed with the wonderful blogs of young mothers and wives. I am a new wife of a year. I am not a mother yet but, I sure do look forward to learning a thing or two from these moms so that when that is the season of my life, I might be a little more informed!