June 29, 2007

Pretty Toes and a Bambino Fiesta!!

I am counting down until Monday evening. My Bible Study group is having a GIRL'S NIGHT!! Can you tell I'm excited!! I so need this! We reserved 10 pedicure chairs at a local pedicure place??? What else could you call it? Afterwards, we are going out to eat and hopefully we will stay out longer and enjoy coffee too!!! Or ice cream because I can do coffee or ice cream! Both are great for a girl's night. My plan is to post pictures of this much anticipated event!! I have been wanting to redo my toes all week but I am not touching those puppies (except to wash them of course). I am going to let someone else do the work on Monday. I have to get my $25 worth. This will be my 2nd professional pedicure ever. The 1st was on my wedding day and I was not really able to enjoy it that much! I plan to do it a little different Monday!

I am hoping that the 2nd term above means something along the lines of baby party! Our Sunday School class is coming over next weekend so that we can celebrate a couple and their baby girl that is on the way. She is actually due on mine and Brandon's anniversary. Another couple in our class is due on my birthday with their baby boy. In case the title did not give it a way, it is a fiesta theme. We are even having a contest to award the couple with the most fiesta-ish apparel!! I was going to post a picture of something I will be working on for this baby party but I just remembered, she is a lurker on my blogs. That would not be smart if I wanted it to be surprise now would it?? I guess I will have to wait until after next weekend to share my special project with you...and that is only if it turns out like I hope it does! So look forward to something fun next Saturday evening!!

Have a great weekend all!!

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June 28, 2007

It is funny how all of a sudden... since we started the adoption process

-We see a baby and think of our future child.

-We hear a parent with a crying child and instead of getting annoyed, we have compassion for that parent because we will soon be in that position.

-Everywhere we go, we evaluate whether or not it is "baby girl friendly."

-We hear a story about something unfortunate happening to a child, and wonder "What if that happened to our child?"

-We (or really I on this one) see a cute little outfit on sale and just have to buy it. I can not help but picture our little one in that... it is on sale after all!

-We see a happy baby and it reminds us of the joy that we hope to bring to our child's life!

-We are now what we would classify as, adoption blog-a-holics!

-When we get hungry, too hot, or too cold, we consider our child. How often (before we bring her home) will she go hungry, be too hot, or too cold?

Every decision we make revolves around our future child.
-Should we spend this money?
-Let's declutter!
-What will our parents be called by this child?
-How often and who will we have babysit our child?
-What discipline methods are going to be healthy for our little one?
-We know that light blue walls are recommended for a previously institutionalized child, but for a girl?
-How early and how much money should we use to start a college fund?
-Our camera is broken so in looking for a new one, which one is going to capture our child best? How to fit this in wisely with all of the expenses we have?
-We are going to need laptop so that when we go to Vietnam, we will be able to keep in touch with family and definitely post pictures of the process. How to fit this in wisely with all of the expenses we have?

I just had to get this out here. We are early in the process but find ourselves consumed with these thoughts. It makes me smile to see a joyful child or a happy family of 3 or more because I know that we will soon be there! It reminds us to make efforts to enjoy the moment and not hurry through any of the stages of our future children's lives!

**Edit to the original post: Brandon informed me, on the way to work, that I was talking in my sleep last night. He said I was getting very aggravated and huffing and puffing. He asked me what was wrong and I replied "they don't have a baby carrier!" He asked me again because he did not understand and I repeated that. He said I just went right back to sleep. He said he was laughing hysterically. I promise I do not remember a bit of this. You know it is bad when things like this start to happen!**

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June 22, 2007

Long weekend to St. Louis...

Once again, we are taking suggestions! We are staying a Thursay and Friday night in July. So please share your ideas on where to stay, what to do, & where to eat!! We are planning on going to the zoo because it is free of course! Besides that, we are still planning! So if you have been there and you are reading this please share!!

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June 18, 2007

Long time no blog...

First I want to say "I am sorry" to my faithful few readers out there. Any writing, much less interesting writing, has not been something I have done on this blog in a while. We have been super busy. First, we dove right into this amazing adventure of adoption. You can read more about that at my other (newer with more posts) blog HERE. I took two weeks of vacation for the last two weeks and today is my first day back at work. Man...I was ready for a vacation from vacation!! Brandon and I chaperoned a Student Life Youth camp for our youth group the first week and last week I directed preschool VBS at our church. It was fun but it was busy!! I want to keep updating this blog especially since the beautiful and money costing design was payed for on Valentines by my husband but it is gonna be hard I think. Oh well! I am still trying to decide. Until I do decide, I should be able to do a little better than I have for the last couple of weeks and I would love for you take a look at our adoption story on the other blog too. It is what will be consuming a good bit of our time and attention over the ohhhh... next two years or so!! :o) Stay tuned for hopefully, more frequent and more interesting bloggity goodness!